Episodic aggression (Belgian Malinois type)

Episodic aggression (Belgian Malinois type)

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Episodic aggression is a neurological behavioural change that is found in Belgian Shepherds. The cause of this behavioural anomaly is an altered signal transmission of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the synapses. Affected dogs experience unpredictable seizures with increased aggression, which can occur episodically. Before an episodic seizure, the dogs often freeze (glazed look) and are neither responsive nor aware of their surroundings. The dog's condition is uncontrolled and can lead to aggressive behaviour, regardless of the actual character of the affected dog. Dogs with one gene copy of the A22 allele for episodic aggression (genotype: A0/A22 or A10/A22) may already exhibit aggressive, impulsive behaviour. If a dog has two gene copies for episodic aggression (genotype: A22/A22), extreme behavioural abnormalities can occur.


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