Dog breed determination
Dog breed determination
Dog breed determination

Dog breed determination

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dog DNA and discover the hidden origins of your beloved four-legged friend with our breed identification analysis. Whether mixed breed or pedigree dog, our simple saliva test reveals the fascinating secrets in your dog's DNA and brings you closer to him in a special way.

With just one test, carried out from the comfort of your own home, we offer you a look into the genetic diversity that makes your dog so unique.

Regardless of whether you want to discover the special breed mix of your mixed-breed dog or want to confirm your dog's purebred ancestry - our breed determination gives you deep insights and strengthens the bond with your four-legged friend.



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The German address is a PO box. The samples are forwarded to our laboratory in Austria three times a week.

Please do not send items as "Registered", "Personally delivered", "Registered Mail" or as express mail. This will lead to delays or refusal of acceptance at the PO box.

If you would like one of these shipping options, send the sample directly to us in Austria.

Processing time:
3 – 5 weeks

Sample material:
Oral mucosa swab or 1-2 ml EDTA blood
IMPORTANT: The blood sample must be carried out by a certified person (veterinarian)

The results are provided to you digitally and always at hand on your smartphone on our myFERAGEN platform . If necessary, you can download the results as a PDF report here.

Important forms:
Confirmation of acceptance by a veterinarian (PDF)

Get the test result in four steps

This is how it works

1. Activate test kit

After ordering, you will receive a test kit from us. Create an account on our myFERAGEN platform and register your dog including the test kit number you received.

For registration

2. Take sample

Take your sample yourself using a buccal swab from home or through a blood sample (1-2 ml EDTA blood) carried out by your veterinarian

3. Send sample back

Send your sample back to our laboratory. You can find the relevant addresses here:

Return addresses

4. Your result

Almost there! You will receive your result in approx. 3-5 weeks after receiving the sample on the myFERAGEN platform.

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Test results

Percentage-accurate breed determination

Find out precisely the exact composition of the breeds in your mixed breed dog. With our analysis we can identify up to 280 breeds in your mixed breed dog with a precise percentage. Each breed brings its own unique characteristics, and the knowledge gained will help you provide the best possible care for your dog - be it training, entertainment or health care. By knowing your dog's exact breeds, you can develop tailored approaches to best meet his needs and build a strong bond. Our analysis allows you to deepen your knowledge of your four-legged friend and provide him with the loving care he deserves.

MDR1 defect analysis.

If your dog carries the MDR1 gene defect, this can lead to life-threatening intolerance to certain substances. This reaction can be triggered by anesthetics, spot-on preparations, deworming medications and the like. Not only herding dog breeds, but also mixed breeds are affected by this genetic defect. Testing is the only way to rule out this defect, as your dog does not show any external signs of illness. It is important to perform this test to ensure your dog's health and avoid potential dangers.

Genetic weight prediction

The genetic weight prediction for your dog is a guideline that includes minimum, maximum and expected weight based on genetic predictions. However, it is important to note that genetic weight does not always reflect actual reality. Factors such as diet, activity level and individual metabolic rate can influence actual weight. Regular vet visits are recommended to monitor your dog's weight and ensure he remains healthy. Your veterinarian can help you determine the ideal weight and create an appropriate diet and exercise plan.

Included in: Screening and Screening (+Plus)

Health screening

The perfect preventive test for your dog! Test your pet for over 220 genetic diseases, characteristics and coat colors or coat textures * based on your dog's DNA. This testing explicitly examines your dog's DNA for genetic diseases and characteristics. With just 1 DNA test, in addition to the breed-relevant genetic diseases, you also receive more than 170 other genetic tests and characteristics such as coat colors and texture! And finally, you will also find out whether your dog is affected by medication intolerance (MDR1 analysis). More is not possible. *(Scope depends on the breeds found)