Step 1

Watch the video above and then follow the steps below for successful sample collection.

step 2

Take the brush out of the protective packaging. Make sure that no objects touch the brush.

step 3

Before proceeding, please note the following points to correctly collect the sample...

  • Ideally in the morning
  • no food/milk/treats 2 hours beforehand
  • Scrub for 45 seconds

Place the brush between your pet's cheek and gums. Gently press the outside of the cheek and rotate and rub the brush on the inside of the lip for about 45 seconds. It can be helpful to have a second person help you stabilize your animal.

Step 5

Send the sample back to our laboratory in a sufficiently stamped envelope.

If you are testing more than one animal, please make sure that the animal's swabs are in the same container with the correct order form. Otherwise there is a risk of confusion!


Confirmation by the veterinarian, breed warden or official person

In some cases, confirmation of data is required. You can verify your animal's identity by having the sample taken by a veterinarian, breed warden or official and they confirm the microchip number or tattoo, as well as the sample collection with a stamp and signature. Sampling by a verified person may be required for results to be accepted by breeding associations.

You can download a corresponding form here: