CatCheck health test

CatCheck health test

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The all-round, worry-free health test for breeders and cat owners. With our CatCheck you can carry out more than 120 DNA analyzes (such as kidney diseases) and blood group determinations as well as fur and color analyzes for your cat using a single DNA test. We can help you prevent genetically caused diseases in your offspring. At the same time, as a breeder or cat owner, you will receive a comprehensive genetic health report about your cat.

Our CatCheck contains more than 120 analyses. You can easily read what these are here: to the included tests in CatCheck

Why is this test so cheap?
Very easy. During CatCheck, we analyze your cat's DNA as a whole using the latest methodology. We decrypt the code and simply use special software to look for the “ERRORS” in the code. This methodology has made it possible to carry out more than 120 analyzes very cost-effectively. This is the reason for this huge price saving.

Delivery takes place as a standard letter. (Delivery time approx. 2-5 working days).
Processing time after sample receipt in the laboratory: usually 4 - 6 weeks.
Examination material: Oral mucosa swabs (2 cytobrushes are included in the test set) or 1-2 ml EDTA blood.


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