DogCheck 4.0

DogCheck 4.0

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DogCheck 4.0 is the all-round, worry-free health test for breeders and (mixed-breed) dog owners. In the latest version of the genetic screening test, we analyze up to 220 diseases , coat colors and fur textures and you also get an insight into the genetic diversity .

What exactly does our DogCheck 4.0 contain? You can find a detailed list here: View included diseases and characteristics



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The German address is a PO box. The samples are forwarded to our laboratory in Austria three times a week.

Please do not send items as "Registered", "Personally delivered", "Registered Mail" or as express mail. This will lead to delays or refusal of acceptance at the PO box.

If you would like one of these shipping options, send the sample directly to us in Austria.

Processing time:
3 – 4 weeks

Sample material:
Oral mucosa swab or 1-2 ml EDTA blood
IMPORTANT: The blood sample must be carried out by a certified person (veterinarian)

The results are provided to you digitally and always at hand on your smartphone on our myFERAGEN platform . If necessary, you can download the results as a PDF report here.

Important forms:
Confirmation of acceptance by a veterinarian (PDF)

Four steps to the test result

This is how it works

1. Activate test kit

After ordering, you will receive a test kit from us. Create an account on our myFERAGEN platform and register your dog including the test kit number you received.

For registration

2. Take sample

Take your sample yourself using a buccal swab from home or through a blood sample (1-2 ml EDTA blood) carried out by your veterinarian

3. Send sample back

Send your sample back to our laboratory. You can find the relevant addresses here:

Return addresses

4. Your result

Almost there! You will receive your result in approx. 3-5 weeks after receiving the sample on the myFERAGEN platform.

You'll find out

Test results


Examines up to 220 genetic diseases, body and coat characteristics.

You receive a detailed report for up to 220 genetic diseases , body characteristics and coat colors with just one examination. Click on the link below and find out in detail what is included in the analysis.

For breeders

Genetic diversity

Find out everything about your dog's genetic diversity now and make targeted breeding decisions based on the insights gained from our revolutionary breeder tool.

You will receive the evaluation of:

  • Inbreeding coefficient (IC): The genomic inbreeding coefficient is calculated based on genetic markers.
  • Heterozygosity: Heterozygosity indicates the percentage of different genetic markers inherited from your animal's parents.
  • DogDating: Find the most suitable partner for your dog based on genetics.
  • DLA haplotype determination (optional): If you wish, you can also receive an evaluation of the DLA haplotypes. Further information about the DLA genes can be found at:

Download results as a PDF file

The digitally archived analysis results can be easily downloaded at any time via a smartphone or as a PDF file from our myFERGEN platform in order to forward them easily and efficiently.